Beginners secret to starting vegetable garden is....

Square Foot Gardening is a method that allows Anyone starting vegetable garden to have a lovely, productive vegetable garden.

There Is No Secret.

Very serious here folks…there is no secret…

For years and years I listened to my gardener friends, family and co-workers grumble about 

-hours spent tilling the soil in their yards…

-testing and amending soil,  hauling and spreading fertilizer…

-fretting about watering (too much or too little)…

-hours in the sun spent weeding…

-begging to take overloads of tomatoes, zucchinis etc because traditional single row planting often results in too much harvest at one time...

-difficulty protecting their plants from insects and rodents…

Season after season my reaction was the same:  I thought “wow….starting vegetable garden ,  sounds pretty difficult, requiring a lot of manpower, knowledge and expense with a questionable outcome….”

So, I avoided starting vegetable garden…. …I only grew flowers in my yard!!!

Then…a lucky thing happened to me…we got snowed in with 5 feet of snow!!!

Yup, didn’t go anywhere for two days….stayed in by the cozy fireplace, wrapped in a blanket with my dog Tess beside me and devoured historic gardening books about the gorgeous kitchen gardens (“potagers”) of Europe and…

It was love at first sight. 

The beauty and symmetry of the centuries old techniques were pure art in motion.

I couldn’t wait to try planting in squares!

Many of the photos you see are My First Season vegetable garden.

The joy of the beauty, symmetry and productivity also made me  a little sad.   Why?

I had missed so many growing seasons thinking I just

did not have 

the yard space,time, knowledge or energy ,

to have a home vegetable garden.    

Wow….I was so wrong  :(

I hope you will start small, like I did, and give Square Foot Gardening a try.

If you follow the set-up instructions carefully, you are guaranteed success ----based on decades of research and experience.

The creator of the Square Foot Gardening method

was a retired engineer named

Mel Bartholomew.  

His very methodical, sensible technique has been implemented

 all over the world!  

Yes, it is a different way of growing food.  

Start small

and prove to yourself

how effective square foot gardening is

C'mon - let's get growing !

Start small!   You'll be amazed at how much you can grow!