Square Foot Garden Plans
are really quite simple, symmetrical and beautiful
to assemble !

You'll be amazed at

how simple it is

to assemble square foot garden plans.

First, determine the best location:

1. a sunny spot (6 - 8 hours of daily sun)

2. close to your house

3. not too close to shrubs and trees that could cast shade

4. not in an area that puddles after a heavy rain

Second: decide what type of material you want your planter boxes to be made of....the depth need only be six inches! I like cedar boxes myself.

I recommend planter boxes that measure 4 feet x 4 feet if you have room. If not try ( 2) boxes of 2 feet x 4 feet.

My first growing season, I assisted my husband in building smooth cedar boxes that fit up against our cedar fencing.

My third growing season, I found a cedar raised bed kit at Home Depot that I could lift, carry and assemble by myself. I thought the pricing was very reasonable, the quality was quite adequate and I was really pleased that I could assemble the kit by myself with very common household tools (a mallet and screwdriver).

Check out my photos so you can see the kits:

As you can see the carton fit in the trunk of my car. I could lift the single box myself, but I needed help when lifting the double kit.

I placed the raised bed planter box kit on my patio to open the carton, read the instuctions and inventory the pieces.

It was a nice suprise to see how simple the process was going to be.

Check out the next few photos....especially the one page instructions!

I opened up the carton...that was really easy to do.

All the pieces listed on the instructions were there.

Yep....here are the instructions. About as simple as square foot garden plans can be! The only two tools needed:

a mallet to tap the wooden pieces into place and

a screwdriver to screw in the decorative post caps.

I laid out the cedar wood pieces

and tapped the sides into the posts.

I decided to place my new planter boxes on the lawn next to my patio.

I was so impressed with the single cedar kit I bought, that I purchased an additional double kit for square foot garden plans and slipped the pieces into adjoining posts to create a triple planter box with an extra deep center box. This would allow me to plant vegetables that require deeper growth such as carrots and potatoes. I grew my first batch of carrots from seed that season. Delicioso!

Along with the planter boxes my husband and I had built a couple of years prior...this really turned out to be more square foot garden plans that we needed! Start small, you'll be amazed at how much you can grow in a small space.

The process for filling the planter boxes is very consistent....visit my pages titled "Getting Started" and "Perfect Soil Mix" for the exact blend of mix for planting and growing success. If there is a success secret to square foot garden plans then the mix is the secret!

Start placing your planting grids right away.

The grids are so important!



Start small...

you'll be amazed at how much you can grow 

in a small space!