You can grow vegetables
and herbs in your own 
small garden
Big Results 

Small Gardens Can Give Big Results!

Even a beginner can grow beautiful vegetables in a small garden

- anyone CAN grow gourmet produce!

Small space vegetable gardens grow anywhere there is

                  light (or light source),


                                and water.  

Yep, those are the requirements.  

By utilizing tried and true innovations, gorgeous produce can be planted, grown and enjoyed by any beginner … you can even grow a small garden 'year round depending on your chosen method!

(by the way...these growing methods work well for experienced growers open to fresh concepts).

Ever ***sigh*** with envy while watching the Food Network stars

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten or Giada DeLaurentis   selecting fresh herbs or veggies from just outside the kitchen door ?  

I often sighed with envy, too---  

Then I discovered a wonderful small garden growing guide written by a retired engineer named Mel Bartholomew:  

"The All New Square Foot Gardening"...

This planting method gives any beginner all they need to grow gourmet produce !  No more being discouraged by small spaces, poor soil or single row gardening traditionalists!!!!

Whether you plant in square foot sections or go vertical, Take a peek at how beautiful veggie plants can be...

The planning and set up is simple…

Take a look at what a beginner can do, in a very small space----

Following  basic instructions,   now you can step outside your  kitchen door and choose fresh chives, parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and more to use in gourmet recipes ---- so much more delicious with homegrown plants!

Using just a few basic tools and supplies most homeowners already own …

no heavy heavy digging...

no adding fertilizers...

no "amending" soil...

no heavy tools …

Utilizing small spaces, raised beds or vertical planting techniques, you too will be a "green" gourmet gardener.

Worried about how to assemble

(build is too strong a term for this task!)  

your growing boxes,  planting beds or tower?  

Simple instructions are available - even very simple "no tool required kits", as well.

There are many simple and economical ways to set up your own growing spaces.   

How can these methods work?  

Square Foot Gardening uses a special planting mix first developed back in the 1970's.  

The Tower Garden® aeroponic kit was developed in 2005 by Tim Blank of Tower Garden, LLC. 

Both Square Foot Gardening and the Tower Garden®growing techniques...

  • minimize maintenance, 
  • minimize watering 
  • minimize space requirements 
  • for successfully growing organics.

The growing boxes you see in the photos were home made (I had help) and also some were assembled  from a very simple kit purchased from Home Depot.

The simple symmetry of a kitchen garden is very artistic. Since "close to home" placement of raised beds is strongly recommended, beauty is key. 

The Tower Garden® shown to the right was assembled by little old me!

Raised beds have a long history ....and through the centuries were designed to be bountiful, useful and beautiful.  

The Tower Garden® innovation was based on ideas displayed at  Disney's Epcot agricultural center!  

This is "organic" growing at its simplest and best ! 

Growing food in small spaces is joyful !!! 

If you are a beginner...or have tried to grow vegetables but failed   

Come on in, 

get ready to bring some joy

into your life  !

Start small, you'll be amazed at how much you can grow!

The Square Foot Gardening perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike!

The planting mix is key !

Follow the planting mix success formula!

If you are like me and need a really small might love my Tower Garden® kit!  Grow vertical! :)     Grow all year 'round!!!

  Got 3 feet of space?       Grow vertical!

Grow all year 'round!

Want more info about how to grow a vertical

Tower Garden?

Click here.